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Discipline Introduction

1. Electric Power System and Automation DisciplineShandong Province Key Discipline

The discipline of Electric Power System and Automation was founded in 1952 and has been authorized the rights to grant Master degree and Ph.D. degree since 1981 and 1998, respectively. Recognized as State’s Key Discipline (under cultivation) and Shandong Provincial Key Discipline, it receives consistent developing investment through Phase I, II, III of both “211 Project” and “985 Project”. The discipline has “Chang-Jiang Scholar” and “Tai-Shan Scholar” Distinguished Professor positions. The key laboratory of Ministry of Education for Power System Intelligent Dispatch and Contorl, Advanced facilities are equipped to form research platforms, such as Power System Dynamics Simulation Lab and Power System Digital Real-Time Simulation Lab.

Main research areas are power system operation and control, protection and automatic safety device, automatic dispatch, power quality and flexible AC transmission. In recent years, intensive research has been focused on WAMS, development of new protection, digital substation, data acquisition and control, electricity market, power quality evaluation and control. Remarkable achievements have been made in plenty of research and teaching projects including “Optimal Selection of Recovery Strategies and Options for EHV Power Networks”, “Digital Fault Recorder for Power Systems”, “Digital Protection Test System Based on Electronic PT and CT”, with multiple awards granted and significant economic and social profits acquired. As a milestone, the Electrical Engineering is recognized as one of pilots of Excellent Engineering plan by Ministry of Education. More than 1200 research papers have been published in recognized journals and conferences, among of which more than 600 papers are indexed by SCI and EI.

2. Electrical Machinery and Electric Equipment DisciplineShandong Province Key Discipline

Electrical Machinery and Electric Equipment Discipline was one of the main disciplines when Shandong University of Technology was initially founded in 1946 and authorized with the rights to grant master degree and Ph. D degree in 1986 and 2003, respectively. It is the Key Discipline of Shandong Province and was “985” Phase I key discipline with the affiliations of Shandong Engineering Research Centers for Permanent Magnet Machines and for Magnetic Force Separation.

The discipline covers such researches as follows, (1) Theory and design technique of electrical machine and electric equipment which mainly consists of intelligent design system, electric and magnetic field theory and its application, (2) Motor speed adjustment and motion control technique which are mainly composed of AC adjustable-speed motor and its performance analysis, electromechanical integration, artificial intelligence technique and its application in motor drive, and (3) Simulation and fault diagnosis of electrical machine and electric equipment which mainly concerns measurement technology, computer simulation, and fault diagnosis on electrical machine and electric equipment. The discipline focuses on science research and has published about 280 academic papers on electrical machine and the correlative discipline recently, meanwhile it pays attention to engineering application and has developed large numbers of electrical machine products which has being widely used in industry.

3. Power Electronics and Power Drives Discipline

The Power Electronic and Power Drive Discipline has been established since 1984 and was granted Master degree in 1996 and Ph.D degree in 2003. It is a key discipline in Shandong province.

The main research areas of the discipline are as follows: flexible AC and DC transmission and distribution technology, new energy generation and grid-connected technology, comprehensive power quality control technology, power electronic devices and control technology, smart active distribution system, electric vehicles and power supply technology. There are center and laboratory of power electronics and power quality research with advanced equipment in the discipline, including power quality testers and analyzers, programmable power supplies, real-time spectrum analyzers, RTLAB, a variety of DSP and Single Chip Development systems and so on. With good scientific research support conditions, the discipline can carry out relevant research, development and teaching.

In recent years, the discipline has undertaken 8 national scientific research projects, including the National Key R&D Program of China and the National Natural Science Foundation of China, 15 provincial and ministerial scientific research projects, including the Natural Science Foundation and the Key R&D Program, and more than 10 other major or key Scientific Research Projects Supported by Enterprises. Over 250 academic papers have been published in important international journals and conferences, of which there are more than 150 SCI/EI papers.

4. Theory and New Technology of Electrical Engineering Discipline

The discipline of Theory and New Technology of Electrical Engineering at Shandong University was founded in 1946 and always was one of the most important disciplines in each development stage of Shandong University. This discipline has been authorized the rights to grant Master degree and Ph.D. degree since 1999 and 2004, respectively. The discipline has established long-term cooperative relationship with Theory and New Technology of Electrical Engineering Specialty Committee of Shandong Province and with Electrical Engineering and Magnetic Suspension Engineering Center of Shandong Province. The faculties within this discipline are mainly responsible for the educational activities with respect to theories of electrical engineering and study the subjects related to electrical theory in electrical engineering field. In recent years, the faculties have completed many provincial, ministerial and national research projects. Based on these researches, more than 100 research papers have been published and were indexed by SCI or EI. The faculties have won a provincial Scientific and Technological Progress Award.

The research directions of this discipline are mainly focused on new technology of electrical engineering, the interactions between electromagnetic radiation and materials, electromagnetic environment and electromagnetic compatibility, the theory and application of the plasma discharge, the theory and application of magnetic bearing, and novel power generation technology. In recent years, lots of research works have been done in the new energy technology field, and the achievements due to these works have got social approval.

5. High Voltage and Insulation Technology Discipline

Founded in 2003, High Voltage and Insulation Technology Discipline is one of the fastest growing disciplines in the School of Electrical Engineering. It has been authorized to confer Ph.D. degree and Master degree in engineering, with a post-doctoral research station of Electrical Engineering founded.

This discipline is committed to the research of basic theory, innovative technology and application in the field of high voltage and insulation technology, and it also places special emphasis on the development of new and interdisciplinary areas. Its main research fields are: UHV transmission and transformation technology, HV smart grid electromagnetic apparatus technology, physics of lightning and large air gap discharge, HV electromagnetic environment technology, pulsed power technology and plasma discharge, applied electromagnetism, economical type fault current limiter, on-line monitoring and fault diagnosis technology, HV power electronics technology, new type transmission technology, etc.

Based on this discipline, Shandong Provincial Key Laboratory of UHV Transmission Technology and Equipment has been established officially in 2015. This discipline has undertaken Sixteen national research projects sponsored by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the National 863 Plan, etc. 20 provincial research projects sponsored by Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars in Shandong Province, Program for New Century Excellent Talents from Ministry of Education of China, etc. and other 50 industry research projects in recent years. Nearly 300 high-level research papers and 2 monographs were published and First Prize,Second Prize and Third Prize of Shandong Province Scientific and Technological Progress one each were awarded.

6. Institute of Intelligent Grid and Renewable Energy (IGReEn)

Founded in December 2010, the Institute of Intelligent Grid and Renewable Energy is a leading research platform with the advantage of integration of internal strengths, which will nurture emerging discipline and attract social resources. Its academic staffs were all graduated with Ph. D degree and have long-term overseas research experience. The institute is currently undertaking national key projects, national natural science foundation of China and other provincial projects and participated in several overseas research projects. It published more than 200 papers, 50 of which were included in SCI database. One paper received IEEE Power Electronics Transactions Second Prize Paper Award in 2017. The institute has close cooperation with Arizona State University, University of Alberta, Nanyang Technological University, Technical University of Denmark, Munich Technical University, China Electric Power Research Institute. Main research interests: grid interfacing and control of renewable energy, development of photovoltaic/wind/battery energy inverters, microgrid, intelligent distribution network, power quality, novel power electronics devices, distributed energy storage, flexible ac/dc transmission/distribution technology.


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